“Give4u” built olso a social network in facebook that was built and designed for all citizens of the world.
Anyone in the world who sees contribution to society and to the community as a
higher value, a value which could bring him/her to a happier and more fulfilled life is
more than welcome to join our “Give4u” social network community.

The values of “Give4u” represent individuals, businesses, organizations and
non-profit organizations as well.
Anyone who defines himself as a volunteer, who is interested in volunteering,
contributing, assisting others, looking for other volunteers, assisting in financial
donations, and as such is welcome to join the “Give4u” community.

The “Give4u” goal is to reach out to the communities of the world thru an internet
platform system operating worldwide and in many languages, to find all people and
parties interested in contribution.

Slowly our “Give4u” community is growing as more and more members are joining and
opening their own online profile accounts.
Except for personal information, a members’ profile is open to the public eye, this way
people can connect and correspond with one another.

To join the “Give4u” community and to open your account is easy:

1. Create a username and password
2. Create your own personalized profile – which will register you automatically into the site’s database
3. Use all services – FREE of charge!

Note: Very much like other social networks, our site provides its members with
common utilities. As our site construction progresses the system is upgrading
new and unique utilities.

“Give4u” wants to see more and more people providing the broadest possible contribution to other people, worldwide communities, organizations, etc.
This contribution can fit the needs of individuals, animals and the environment itself.
From the “Give4u” point of view, all three realms are important and need be considered.

We mustn’t forget that all matters relating to human welfare and other social realms are universal.
It is obvious that various communities around the globe are in need of different solutions.
Thus, there is no doubt, that once people contribute a bit of what they can, especially in the fields that they are proficient at, then solutions and co-operations between individuals, businesses, countries and international communities will rise.

We all aspire to live in a world which can provide us with the opportunity to fulfill our dreams, hopes and realizations.
We live in an era where we hold the potential in creating and setting in motion a boundless social change.

The “Give4u” social network community hopes to enable this change to occur and to create synergy between all people (regardless of gender or age), religions, cultures, communities, citizenships, religions and races of the world.

The “Give4u” social network framework abides by and respects all international laws.
Come join the world!​​