“Give4u” is a social network that was built and designed for all citizens of the world.
Anyone in the world who sees contribution to society and to the community as a
higher value, a value which could bring him/her to a happier and more fulfilled life is
more than welcome to join our “Give4u” social network community.

The values of “Give4u” represent individuals, businesses, organizations and
non-profit organizations as well.
Anyone who defines himself as a volunteer, who is interested in volunteering,
contributing, assisting others, looking for other volunteers, assisting in financial
donations, and as such is welcome to join the “Give4u” community.

We are interested in providing donations (money, volunteers, objects and food) for the needy (people, animals and the environment).

Donations will be transferred directly from donors to the needy.

In order to prevent scam, anyone who wants to enter the database needs to be checked by the cyber police of our association which is in contact with Interpol.

If he ask for money, the needy person must register the PayPal account to which the funds will be transferred,

since this is the safest way to transfer money today.
For example:
Somone asks $ 200,000 for his brain surgery
He will ask to deliver documents about the surgery from hospital and his health insuranse.

For other donations that are not money he dot need a paypal account.

Give4u provides a solution to all countries in the world regardless of religion, race or gender
But not to terrorist organizations.

The platform requires registration of fields in English
In the comments section, you can give details in each language, and with Google translation on the platform you can read all the information in any language.
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